Imre Kiss Non Music Video

Budapest electro brooder Imre Kiss gets a train heist for his “Non” music video

Toot toot, all aboard, tickets please, etc.

- Jul 3, 2014

Imre Kiss and his album midnight wave was my introduction to underground Budapest electro. It's something I return to: the uncanny techno stays wearied like a condition, not a mystique, while occasionally catching a flicker of colour off the broken glass and thick doldrums it occupies. That haunted ambience is absorbed on Raw Energy, a new EP fixed with a more urgent pallor, thanks to a move towards dancier rhythms.

"Non" is the first music video from that release, directed by eccentric technophile Hurfyd. A collage of stop-motion animation, movies, and some form of projection technique, it's an exciting and constantly evolving battle of trains, monsters, and Hollywood royalty, sometimes combined into one boxcar.

Imre Kiss's new EP Raw Energy is out now via Lobster Theremin.

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