Bry Webb Prove Me Wrong

Bry Webb visits a donkey hotel in “Prove Me Wrong” music video

It's time to rethink this animal with a Constantines member.

- Jul 3, 2014

For those of us who view the donkey primarily as the source for beach rides and a really great swear word (also donkey, but jacka** if you're really rude), this video for hushed folk ballad "Prove Me Wrong" - directed by Colin Medley for Constantines frontman Bry Webb - is a brief metaphysical reassessment of a creature we take for granted. We're taken to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada in Guelph, and the tenants are filmed in beautiful slow-motion with an abundance of close-ups. Watch the ears flicker to swat a fly. Or the way lips retract so teeth can chew the grass. Even the small domestic moments are totally engaging. Bry Webb looks boring by comparison, and that's no small feat considering his scorpion belt buckle. Watch below and then send your new pals some carrots.

Bry Webb's new album Free Will is out now via Idée Fixe. Colin also took some photos of NXNE for us.

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