How To Dress Well Childhood Faith In Love Music Video

Watch “Childhood Faith In Love,” the final chapter in How To Dress Well’s music video trilogy

Find out what happens when the ashes of the grandfather you burned in the desert have settled.

- Jul 2, 2014

Back in May How To Dress Well released "Repeat Pleasure," the first video in a Bonnie and Clyde meets Weekend At Bernie's music video trilogy directed by Johannes Greve Muskat and co-written along with bandleader Tom Krell. June brought "Face Again" and now we have the conclusion, "Childhood Faith In Love."

After an invigorating funeral pyre of a stolen relative, the two outlaws emerge from the literal forest and return to stuff their faces in the world, their bond strengthened and perhaps even a beacon of hope for future generations. Until their necrotic arson spree continues. No dead body can escape with flames of their passion.

How To Dress Well's new album What Is This Heart? is out now via Domino.
How to Dress Well - Childhood Faith In Love (Part 3 of 3 "What Is This Heart?" trilogy)

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