Sufjan Stevens Year Of The Tiger Music Video

Sufjan Stevens gets a much delayed (and much animated!) video for “Year of the Tiger”

A 3D fireworks display, with singing tigers.

- Jul 2, 2014

Here's a video for "Year of the Tiger" to celebrate the new vinyl edition of Sufjan Stevens' 2001 album Enjoy Your Rabbit. Why is that record's title so absurd, and plain? It's an expression you could hear at a lot of restaurants. What makes the rabbit ours? Exchanging pieces of special paper for the privilege of eating certain parts of its heated, seasoned body? The name of that album makes me do a wobbly and confused grin, like a cartoon character after a head injury. And so does the clip below. Geoffrey Hoskinson sends chard of brightly coloured shapes away and apart to form moaning tiger faces, fertilization and more.

Sufjan Stevens' vinyl edition of Enjoy Your Rabbit is out now via Asthmatic Kitty.
Sufjan Stevens, "Year of the Tiger"

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