Untold Noise

PREMIERE: Untold Noise, a documentary exploring Toronto’s noise punk explosion

This is more than just a few weirdos and feedback. There's something happening here.

- Jun 27, 2014

Last night a sect of Toronto's music community convened at a bike repair shop for the physical premiere of Dead Beat Production's Untold Noise, an exploration of the city's fertile, supportive, eardrum-abusing noise punk scene. Today you can watch it in the comfort of your own home (or loft or squat or whatever).

As we mentioned in the preview, the film follows the scene from ground-up, set in crucial DIY venues like SoybombThe White House and The Garage (R.I.P.), and organizers and compilers like WavelengthWeird CanadaBuzz and Pleasence Records. It also teems with amazing live performance footage of three of Toronto's best noise(y) bands, SoupcansHSY and THIGHS (also R.I.P.). 

"You get a sense that being a band from Toronto actually means something right now," says Pleasence co-founder Deirdre O'Sullivan in the documentary. After watching it, you'll see why this is more than just a few weirdos testing the limits of their loft spaces. There's something happening here.

Watch Untold Noise in full below.

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