Monomyth Patsy

Monomyth soundtracks this week’s creepiest wedding in “Patsy” music video

The Halifax psych-rockers play a surreal wedding band.

- Jun 26, 2014

You don't notice it because you're on you're seventh Grey Goose with a "splash" of soda, but weddings are sinister affairs. There's that subtext about the father "giving away" his daugher, the forced goodwill between familial frenemies and all that stuff about "joining together for eternity." It's creepy.

Monomyth's new music video for "Patsy" heightens that ominous undercurrent, with an ultra-surreal video by Dog Day's Seth Smith. Like the Halifax psych-rockers' retro-pop jangle-number that soundtracks it, the clip has weirdness lurking just below what should be a sweet surface, but by the time the bride's disco ball lifemate shatters to pieces, you know it's right at the forefront.

Monomyth's Saturnalia Regalia! is out July 22 on Mint. Pre-order it here.


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