Stream Tonstartssbandht’s new live album Overseas

The White brothers account for their Euro tour with this collection.

- Jun 25, 2014

The psychedelic wig-outs of Tonstartssbandht are much appreciated on this site, especially the live stuff. That's the focus of the Floridian brothers' new live record Overseas, a patchwork of shows from across Europe. A sweet, spring-blossomed scented version of their blog hit "Midnite Cobras" is a useful marker for how many turns this collection takes, both in terms of style and audio fidelity. Plus there's a lot of their trademark voice of God harmonizing amongst the din of licks and shreds that also descends on the record. Enough to send your eyes to the back of your head, and keep them there.

Tonstartssbandht's new album Overseas is out now via Company Etc and Arbutus Records. But the physical release is sold out.

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