Liars Pro Anti Anti Music Video

Liars melt their faces in “Pro Anti Anti” music video

3D scanning takes us inside the heads of the L.A. art band... literally.

- Jun 25, 2014

If you're sick of people saying they had their face melted off to indicate something good happened give me a hell yeah. Then watch the "Pro Anti Anti" video from Liars and Yoonha Park, because it's actually cool and not part of some larger epic bacon rap battle meme. Inspired by How It's Made and Sesame Street, the video shows the full body scanning of the L.A. art-rockers, with the help of 3D scanning company Direct Dimensions and New Project. The band's moulds are fashioned into colourful heads, which are then placed directly under heat lamps. Obviously that's a lot to satisfy the six year old freckled sadist in you, but with every step of the process filmed, you'll learn something too. Angus Andrews discusses the video over at Nowness.

Liars' new album Mess is out now via Mute. It is a Chart Attack STAFF PICK.

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