Petra Glynt Doomsquad

Watch Petra Glynt join Doomsquad for an acoustic performance in Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park

The dark new age group "strips down" by adding cellos, singing saws and the kitchen drone.

- Jun 25, 2014

Doomsquad aren't exactly what you'd call a "sunny" band, nor would it seem their looping, ritualistic electro-rock would lend itself to an acoustic daytime park set, surrounded by PBR cans and keffiyeh dogs. So when we saw the Montreal/Toronto "dark new age" trio on the schedule for the Live in Bellwoods: Great Heart Festival (which we called one of the best unofficial NXNE shows of 2014), it was easy to wonder, well, how?

Now that this live video has surfaced we know the answer: with the help of droning cellos, singing saws, and the robust, operatic vocals of Petra Glynt. You couldn't call this "stripped-down"; in fact, the band is almost twice as big. By extending their membership policy beyond the Blumas family, the band have managed to deliver a different flavour of Doomsquad, albeit one for whom the end greeting of "happy summer solstice" still sounds natural.

Doomsquad's Kalaboogie is out now via Hand Drawn Dracula. Watch more Great Heart videos here.
DOOMSQUAD | Great Heart Fest 2014

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