Untold Noise

Chart Attack presents a screening of Toronto noise punk documentary Untold Noise

Join us at Cinecycle for a programme of short documentaries about thriving, supportive DIY arts communities.

- Jun 24, 2014

When METZ signed to Sub Pop and subsequently broke out well beyond their home city, international journalists seemed flabbergasted that something so visceral and loud could be coming out of Toronto. Now just a couple of years later, it's almost surprising if a Toronto band doesn't come with a heaping helping of punk, sludge or noise.

Of course, a shift like that doesn't happen on the Best New Music page of Pitchfork, nor in a trend piece shoehorning a contextual line between, say, Odonis Odonis and Greys. It happens on ground level, in vital DIY spaces like Soybomb, The White House and The Garage (R.I.P.), through scene organizers and compilers like Wavelength, Weird Canada, Buzz and Pleasence. It's an independent community, not a marketing gimmick.

Untold Noise Trailer

Dead Beat Productions' Untold Noise is a short documentary that follows Soupcans, HSY and THIGHS across Toronto's virile moment-in-time noise scene and gives them a chance to reflect upon how that community survives, thrives and sometimes expires, and makes "Toronto band" mean something beyond "Broken Social Scene-lite." Watch the trailer below.

We'll be premiering the documentary this Friday on Chart Attack, but first, if you're in Toronto, join us and Dead Beat Productions at Cinecycle for a physical screening this Thursday, June 26 at 8PM. Other short docs on the programme include We're The Heart of This Town, Murfreesboro, Tennessee's Boro Fondo music, bicycle and house show festival and This Is Now Here, an exploration of Sackville, New Brunswick and its yearly Stereophonic Festival, directed by Colin Medley.

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