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Stream Aphex Twin’s Kickstarted “lost album” Caustic Window

A discovered test pressing and crowdfunding leads to the first new music from the reclusive electronic pioneer in ages.

- Jun 17, 2014

No one really knows why we haven't had a new official Aphex Twin album since 2001's Drukqs. Richard D. James, famously playful with the media, has said that he has six albums done which will see release as soon as his divorce is finalized. Any of our guesses is good as what he says. But earlier this year, a cheat code was entered: a test pressing of the abandoned Aphex Twin album Caustic Window was unearthed and a Kickstarter was set up for fans to pledge $16 or more for their own digital copy. The drive made its original goal of $9, 300 in about half a second, with a total donation sum of $67,424. The record's been shipped and you can hear the whole thing below.

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