HSY Cyber Bully Music Video

HSY’s “Cyber Bully” music video is gory sci-fi ritual

What really goes on in those fancy hospitals? Maybe cultish evisceration!

- Jun 16, 2014

Toronto sludge punks HSY have taken their affection for abominable bodily fluids a few leaps further with their new "Cyber Bully" video. The atmosphere is frenetic and eager to disgust with gory alters and operating theatres, along with lots of allusions to circuitry. This one takes you waaayyy down to the other end of the video rental store, past the tasteful foreign films and into a montage of all the Japanese cyberpunk movies you could only watch through your fingers.

HSY's "Cyber Bully/Phantasm Blast" 7" is out now via Too Pure/Buzz Records.

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