Nils Frahm Re Music Video

Nils Frahm’s animated “Re” music video tours through the apocalypse with a stag

The most compelling sci-fi deer protagonist since Bambi 2100.

- Jun 9, 2014

A lone deer navigates the scabs of ruined but redeemable planet in the video for avant-garde composer Nils Frahm's "Re," animated by Balázs Simon, a fan who made the clip on his own. A personal treatment glints off every lovingly animated hair and floating pylon, and makes me want to see every corner of the wrecked landscape as it gradually reconnects itself with power-line tendrils. Don't be surprised if you find yourself forming intense bonds with animated venison.

Nils Frahm's "Screws: Reworked" is an online portal that allows you to submit your "remixes, reworks, audio and visual reinterpretations" of the album Screws. Frahm's latest LP Spaces is out now via Erased Tapes.
Read Nils's picks for Essential Albums here.


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