Tearjerker So Can Music Video

Tearjerker raid old home movies for “You Can” music video

The Toronto shoegazers have found a new use for the human body: movie niiiiiight!

- Jun 5, 2014

Toronto shoegaze pop group Tearjerker distinguish "You Can" from the usual crowd with a rich production that leaves the track with the colours of a sunset. Similarly, their video's recycling of 8mm home movies takes a more tactile air when the footage is projected on a girl's bare body. The eye's on the past but the heart's in the present. Found footage can still work, guys. For more proof, watch the movies we made for Absolutely Free, Fresh Snow, and Marcel Ramagnano to soundtrack live at our UNIVERSE event.

Tearjerker's Hiding EP is out now via SQE Music.
Tearjerker - You Can (Official Video)

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