How To Dress Well Face Again Music Video

Learn how to incinerate your loved ones in How To Dress Well’s “Face Again” music video

The second part of the trilogy conquers grief with a bonfire.

- Jun 5, 2014

Here's part two of How To Dress Well's What Is This Heart? music video trilogy (watch the first chapter here). "Face Again" follows the two lovers deciding what to do with the corpse of a beloved elderly relative they may or may not have killed. This predicament leads them to alternate dimension Tom Krell, who got Taco Bell instead of Wendy's five years ago and became a new age grief counselor instead of an ethereal R&B singer. Lessons learned: love conquers death, and gas is just as expensive even if you're using it to burn a body.

How To Dress Well's new album What Is This Heart? is out June 24 via Domino; pre-order it here.
How to Dress Well - Face Again (Part 2 of 3 "What Is This Heart?" trilogy) (Official Video)

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