greys use your delusion music video

Greys practice in a wormhole for “Use Your Delusion” music video

Rocking out in a big white room that leaks time and punk.

- May 28, 2014

A good rehearsal is like a runner's high: time dilates into strange shapes, and you're left sweaty and eager to treat yourself. In their new video, directed by Amanda Fotes (who we interviewed about her last Greys video), "Use Your Delusion," Greys run through their shouty punk anthem to alienated ambition at different speeds. They also play with yo-yos, because they earned it.

Greys' new album If Anything is out June 17 via Carpark/Buzz Records; pre-order it here. Read our UNCHARTED profile of the Toronto loud-rock band here.
Greys "Use Your Delusion"

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