Stream Neon Gods Of Lost Youth, the new EP from Dirty Beaches

Five tracks, three previously unreleased, detail the strangeness of a familiar place.

- May 23, 2014

Dirty Beaches' new EP Neon Gods Of Lost Youth is, as Alex Zhang Hungtai puts it, "dedicated to the lost memories of youth and Taiwan." They're a lot like ones you or I have: haunted, forbidden places, gangster movies from Taiwan and Hong Kong (the ones we were probably too young to watch), and more all resurrected Hungtai's recent trip to Taiwan, where he was born. These five tracks, three previously unreleased and only one that isn't an instrumental, were written between 2006 and 2012, and serve as elegies to these memories and likely a million other fragments too deep in the ether to ever be retrieved.

Buy Dirty Beaches' new EP Neon Gods Of Lost Youth at Bandcamp for $5.

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