JLK Babysitter I'm Not Going To Get Nostalgic

PREMIERE: JLK & Babysitter summon fires and Christ in “I’m Not Going To Get Nostalgic”

Our burning world gets an appropriately haunting distorted rock soundtrack.

- May 23, 2014

Experimental Montreal guitarist JLK (a.k.a. Jane L. Kasowicz) and her noisy pals Babysitter out of Victoria have reissued their 2013 collaborative tour tape II on Pleasence Records. Kasowicz calls it "a recap of a beautiful summer spent taking drugs, making music and hanging out... our Summer of '69."

But "I'm Not Going To Get Nostalgic," their new video animated by Paloma Dawkins, feels like an indictment. The combination of stock footage of wildfires and old automobile animations is especially timely now that California is roasting thanks to our own energy consumption, and it's not any less haunting wrapped in a prickly layer of distortion jams. When the video imposes a cartoon of a hyper-Christian fairyland on top of some enormous con(de?)struction machinery, a terrifying new altar is revealed.

Buy JLK & Babysitter's II cassette via Pleasence.
JLK & Babysitter - im not going to get nostalgic (HD)

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