Basement Jaxx Jump In Music Video

Watch Basement Jaxx’s cartoony workout music video “Unicorn”

Returning to watch the house music throne.

- May 22, 2014

Don't believe the press photos: Basement Jaxx are actually just brains floating around in a nutrient rich vodka-cranberry solution, thinking about and programming house music all day. How else can you explain the longevity of their two decades plus of tinkering, and how their new track  "Unicorn" fits into the UK pop chart's current embrace of house-oriented acts? And they haven't lost their visual charm either, as you'll see in the clip below, populated by what seems to be exercising rubber hose cartoons drawn in Microsoft Paint. Here's to Junto, Basement Jaxx's new album. May it give them the plum Glastonbury spot and body transplants they so richly deserve.

Basement Jaxx's new album Junto is out August 25 via Atlantic Jaxx/PIAS.
Basement Jaxx - Unicorn

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