Holiday Rambler

PREMIERE: Hooded Fang offshoot Holiday Rambler unearths new video “Auden”

Buried underground for a year, the Toronto folk musician's new video is finally ripe.

- May 22, 2014

You never found any buried treasure when you were a child, or a teenager, or an adult. Just stop. You're embarrassing the kids. Try a build-your-own-bounty like the one that gave us "Auden," the new video from D. Alex Meeks' hushed folk project Holiday Rambler. Director Vitalyi Bulychev shot the foggy black and white portraiture during the spring of 2013, buried it, then dug the naturally decayed film back up one year later. And just as he intended, the video looks like it lost a fist fight with a pile of leaves.

The track itself is some distance from the scraggly rock of Hooded Fang, who Meeks drums for. In fact, he sounds ditched outside the venue, the way the echoes of his guitar and voice trip over each other. Fittingly, the song and its 7" phonograph record, Before the Dove, There Come a Tiger, were recorded on reel-to-reel at the bottom of a 100-foot grain silo in rural Ontario.

Holiday Rambler's new EP Before the Dove, There Come a Tiger is out now. His full-length Quails Never Sleep is out soon.

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