No Wave Adventure Game

NETDUMP: Play No Wave, a point-and-click adventure game inspired by the infamous New York scene

Meet girls, fight the band, and listen to tunes from Sonic Youth and Swans.

- May 22, 2014

No Wave is the browser game you've been waiting for, if you're a fan of both LucasArts adventure games and the eponymous, abrasive music made in New York in the early '80s. Created by Dorian SRed for the 48 hour game development challenge GameDevParty, the game places you as a man named Jim touring a No Wave club for the first time, with the help of drugs and a soundtrack from Swans, Sonic Youth, The Boys Next Door (aka Nick Cave's The Birthday Party), and Dorian's group Red City Noise. You can talk to girls, pee, and fight the bands. But can you actually win? That may not be the point. Or maybe I'm just bad at video games, which would be wonderful news.

Play No Wave here. And relive some early, abrasive Sonic Youth below:

Sonic Youth Burning Spear Live

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