the knife without you my life would be so boring music video

Watch the volatile video for The Knife’s “shaken-up” version of “Without You My Life Would Be Boring”

End extreme wait times.

- May 21, 2014

If you saw The Knife at one of their sparse tour dates supporting new album Shaking The Habitual, you heard the group's esteemed catalogue of art-electro reworked into new versions. The group will collect those new-ish tracks on their Shaken Up Versions EP. The Bitte Andersson-directed video for "Without You My Life Would Be Boring," originally from Shaking The Habitual, is as volatile as the song. A group of people more diverse than you're likely to see in real life all year take over a hospital and send people dancing with red energy blasts and lots of feces.

The Knife's new EP Shaken-Up Versions is out digitally June 17 via Rabid/Brille/Mute; pre-order it here. But with Without You My Life Would Be Boring remix EP hereShaking The Habitual is out now.
The Knife - Without You My Life Would Be Boring (Shaken-Up Version)

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