die antwoord pitbull terrier music video

Die Antwoord return with bloody “Pitbull Terrier” video (NSFW)

A violent game of half-dog vs. cat in the streets of South Africa.

- May 20, 2014

When most people meet a pitbull terrier, their reaction is to wonder how many kids the animal has eaten, then they worry about if it'll eat their kids, even if they don't have them yet (in addition to violence, pitbulls have an unearned reputation for staying in touch).

So while I might not agree with Die Antwoord's "Pitbull Terrier" video in principle, it's always a treat to get a new video from the South African rave-rap group. Ninja plays a half-man half-dog on a bloodthirsty rampage against another kind of Pitbull, catwomen, and Yolandi herself. It's super violent, more so than "Fatty Boom Boom" but less disturbing. And no, those aren't cameos from Shia LaBeouf and Azealia Banks, but pretty close, right?

Die Antwoord's new album Donker Mag is out June 3 via Zef Recordz; pre-order it here.

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