woods - Canadian Music Week 2014 Report Card

CMW Report Card ’14: Woods @ The Great Hall

Friday, May 9. Brooklyn's Woods brought a lean efficiency and spots of revelation to their Toronto show.

- May 10, 2014

Background/Composition: Woods are the sound of long abandoned communes retooled for a sense of modern malaise. Psychedelic, but with eight essential vitamins and minerals.

WOODS - Moving To The Left

Humanity: B+

Jeremy Earl is the consummate frontman, without dripping any rock star charisma. If you stood at the back of the venue, the pain and uncertainty in his voice and lyrics could be heard clearer, and revealed itself as the energy behind Woods’ machine.

Jams: A

Woods have some of the best on record, and in person it took no time at all for each member to connect brain waves and fall into their twisty stretches and find direction in the apparently directionless.

Fun On Stage: B+

It’s always a treat to see a show that doesn’t sacrifice inter-band friendliness for professionalism. Woods had both. If they’d picked up the banter, we’d have turned from a concert audience into a bonafide rally.


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