Quilt - Canadian Music Week 2014 Report Card

CMW Report Card ’14: Quilt @ The Great Hall

Friday, May 9. Quilt provided a set of easily digestible psych-rock, says our reviewer, the show's security guard.

- May 10, 2014
This report card was written by Chevy, a security guard at The Great Hall.

Background/Composition: Quilt are a Boston psychedelic rock band. Summer of Love mixed with Faust. I got to smoke weed with Snoop Lion once. Did you know he used to be a rapper?

Quilt - Open Eyes (Official Video)

Attire: A-

They looked so ‘60s I was afraid I was going to get hit by a firehose.

Originality: B

At the moment the layering of influences feels sensible. Some great moments began to sparkle when the band burst out heavy and fast from their even keel of come-hither paisley fields. This tattoo means “Serenity.”

Audience: B+

The crowd were warm and receptive, and the band seemed to…hey, excuse me? HEY. HEY. Did you bring that beer in with you, buddy?



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