king khan and bbq show -Canadian Music Week 2014 Report Card

CMW Report Card ’14: The King Khan & BBQ Show @ Horseshoe Tavern

Friday May 9. Beware: Khan & BBQ's weirdo revue will get into your brain and make you chant illegal, regrettable things in public.

- May 10, 2014

Background/Composition: Legendary Montreal garage rock showmen King Khan and Mark Sultan, aka BBQ, have been delighting/seducing/terrifying audiences under one heading or another for two decades.

Costumes: A

Warhol wigs, blue Venetian masks, and bodysuits with the nipples cut out — just in case you thought you had a solid grasp on what year it is or what planet you're on or something.

Mind Control: A+

By Khan's undeniable charisma, the crowd was, at one point, charmed into chanting "I eat children, I fuck birds." It was one of those "in the moment"-type things, probably not a story for Monday's watercooler.

Teamwork: B+

The King Khan & BBQ Show's beefs are well known, but on Friday, they seemed to play nice, which is great because they're about to release a new record and that means they'll probably be spending a lot of time together.

Dedications: A

It might look all loogies and eff  yous and indecent exposure, but even punk rock is in the business of respect. One song went out "to Dan Burke's ear," a little shout out to the legendary promoter who, supposedly, "lost his ear" recently, or so Khan told the crowd. We couldn't confirm by press time.


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