Ice Cream - Canadian Music Week 2014 Report Card

CMW Report Card ’14: Ice Cream @ The Drake

Friday, May 9. Robots playing moody synth-punk to vacant souls; bubbles to lighten the mood.

- May 10, 2014

Background/ Composition: Ice Cream is a newish Toronto synth-punk two-piece from Amanda Crist of Huckleberry Friends and Carlyn Bezic of Blonde Elvis. Files between Flux Information Sciences and The Units.

Doin' It Live: B

Ice Cream have only played a handful of shows and it took them a few songs to calibrate, but what sounds minimal and polite on the recordings is much more sinister and aggressive in person.

Shop Class: A

They're at their best when they lean into their abrasive, more industrial inclinations — overdriven, sawtooth tones; drum tracks like clattering metal; barking emotionlessly into the void like the robots they affect.

Crowd response: C

Ugh, sometimes it's hard to get jazzed for the opening slot, especially if that cup of neck oil hasn't started working yet, but Ice Cream could barely get a toe tapping through what was, I assure you, a very nod- and gentle sway-worthy set at the very least.

Bubbles: A+

Because, yes, there were bubbles.


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