Jennifer Castle - Canadian Music Week 2014 Report Card

CMW Report Card ’14: Jennifer Castle @ The Drake

Thursday, May 8. Despite a mismatched venue and dull audience, Jennifer Castle's bare bones folk excelled.

- May 9, 2014

Background/Composition: Jennifer Castle is a folk singer/songwriter from Toronto. She previously recorded as Castlemusic, which is a good name too.

Posture: A 

Perched on the ground with just her guitar, Castle was totally captivating. She immediately fell into her own songs, and made you want to follow every word of her poetry. Sparse, fantastical and occasionally wry.

Jennifer Castle - Powers/???/Neverride

Video projections: C 

ASMR is a rare phenomenon where soft noises and other stimuli cause strange, non-sexual tingling sensations in the listener (This American Life explains it all.) Each act this evening was backdropped with muted YouTube videos of ASMR cases attempting to elicit the effect. They worked as backdrops for DIANA's slowly evolving experiments and the whispery, great performance art piece ASMR Buds.

Voice: A

Castle's set, too, was stripped down, but her voice, saddled yet soaring and tremulous, couldn't have been less delicate.

God damn this audience sucks: Yes

Who goes to a concert to talk? Take your boring conversations about your tasteless bosses and lame dinners outside.


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