Read the first four installments of Chad VanGaalen’s new comic ZOOOSH

A new single-panel comic series from the Calgary multi-instrumentalist and animator. It's good as heck.

- May 1, 2014

On Wednesday, we promised a premiere of Chad VanGaalen's comic series ZOOOSH. That didn't happen, because the Calgary musician's surreal single-panel funnies had us under our desks in stitches the whole day! We're sorry we missed the deadline, but not really, because all that laughing has given us gold medal abs for the summer.

Click on the BRAND NEW comic below or head here to check out the first four comics in this hilarious new series. And check back in two weeks for the next four. Shrink Dust is out now. Borf!

borf - Zooosh comic by Chad VanGaalen

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