Shad weighs in on Donald Sterling’s racist remarks: “The NBA has reeked of the Sterling attitude for a long time”

The Canadian rapper recalls turning down an offer to license his song to NBA 2K12.

- Apr 28, 2014

By now you've probably heard the leaked tape of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling apparently telling his then-girlfriend V. Stiviano not to bring black people to his games or pose with them on Instagram. Many NBA players have since weighed in on the egregious racism of the remarks, including the Clippers, who staged a silent protest before their recent playoff game. Now, responses are starting to filter in from outside the world of basketball, too.

According to Shad, the NBA “has reeked of the Sterling attitude for a long time.” Last night, the Canadian rapper published an extensive Facebook post about his own experience with the league, dating back to 2012 when his song, "A Good Name," was offered a spot on the soundtrack of the video game NBA 2K12. Shad passed on the opportunity after refusing to censor the word "slave."

Read his whole post below:

a couple years back, i got an offer to license the song "a good name" for the video game nba 2k12.

as a hoops fan, i was obviously stoked. they asked me to make a couple edits to the song - even though im basically the cleanest rapper of all-times (the first verse of the song is literally a story from the bible) - and i was even pretty cool with all of the edits expect they wanted me take out the word "slave"... i said i didnt see a good reason for that one. they (the nba/ratings board) replied that the word had a "negative connotation"... i was fuming cuz obviously, and had to pass on the opportunity...

i can respect and appreciate the clippers' decision to play/notplay/protest or any other response to their boss' remarks. i just hope the league does their job and quickly resolves the issue for them... the nba has reeked of the sterling attitude for a long time so, sadly, im not surprised by the alleged comments. im glad ppl with real power are weighing in this time around. if the tape is verified, theres reason to expect this guy to be out of the league and hopefully more changes to come too... also, racist or not, anyone who causes pain to magic johnson's dear old soul should be banned from ever going near a basketball...

way to ruin one of the best 1st round of nba playoffs ever, sterling! go raps. go spurs. tony allen for president...\

Watch Shad's recent freestyle on BET's 106 & Park below:

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