Owen Pallett

Owen Pallett goes to the ballet void for “Song For Five & Six” video

A reunion with choreographer Robert Binet for a new piece.

- Apr 23, 2014

Last year, Owen Pallett scored Unearth, a ballet choreographed by Robert Binet for the National Ballet of Canada's Innovation series in Toronto. It ran for five days in November, and I thiiiink I was eating takeout off my chest every day that week. But now Pallett's "Song For Five & Six" video, directed by Jeff Scheven, features choreography and dancing once more from Binet and the National Ballet, and their collaboration is even more beautiful than my wildest pad thai nightmares. The dancers engage in their gorgeous fluid motions to a bracing, arpeggio-lined tune from within the studio level of Missy Elliott's puffy Glad bag suit.

Owen Pallett's new album In Conflict has a new, EVEN BETTER release date: May 27th via Secret City Records; pre-order it here.
Owen Pallett - Song for Five & Six (Official Video)

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