Lee Paradise Water Palace Kingdom

PREMIERE: Stream Lee Paradise’s Water Palace Kingdom, the new solo LP by Hooded Fang’s Daniel Lee

Hear the entire groovy new album from the prolific Hooded Fang/Phèdre/ETC. songwriter.

- Apr 22, 2014

Daniel Lee has been leaving a trail of breadcrumbs from his debut solo LP as Lee Paradise across the internet (including here), but now he's ready to unleash the whole thing. Listen to the full debut stream of Water Palace Kingdom below.

Those familiar with Lee from Hooded FangPhèdreTonkapumaHut, or one of his other Toronto-based projects (the list seems endless) shouldn't be too surprised by this new incarnation: it's a perfect distillation of his hook-heavy songwriting, but stripped to its bass-driven essence and groovier for it.

This is not what you think of when you think of a limp solo "singer/songwriter" project. Written and recorded before the latest Fang and Phèdre records, it actually revitalized him. Lee explains:

I try to be always writing, and because I have a fondness for a few different styles of (albeit, pop) music, they can take vastly different forms. It's hard sometimes not to jump the gun on changing styles too quickly for one particular project, hence the need to come up with a new name sometimes. There are a lot of songs that don't end up being used for anything because they don't fit for a specific project. They are more like musical exercises. There isn't always an end goal aside from creation. I mean, making music is fun.

These songs were written and recorded in September of 2012, in my dad's basement where I reclused for a bit after a tour. I had a goal in mind: to finish  a record in a week, with a cohesive, spare sound. It came together quite quickly because of the imposed limitations of style, instrumentation, time constraint, minimal playing ability, and a commitment to simplicity. I was a little out of it at the time, and needed a goal to focus on to get out of a mental/physical slump.  It worked!

Lee Paradise releases Water Palace Kingdom this Friday, April 25, at the Silver Dollar in Toronto, alongside B-17, Lido Pimienta and Jay Holy.  It's available for purchase starting today from Pleasence and Not Unlike.

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