Lust For Youth Illume Music Video

Lust For Youth overdress for their tour of Hollywood in “Illume” music video

Relive the "good" old days of Hollywood with the Swedish pop duo.

- Apr 16, 2014

Hollywood, now a den of sin and Obamacare, used to have values. In their new music video for "Illume," Lust For Youth play suited-up relics of that more glamorous and refined time, when communists were actually discouraged and you didn't have to worry about seeing Queen Latifah in every single movie, right?? Pursued by a goth cowboy, the sullen screen idols (and newly designed cocktail pop pros) tour the city's backstreets like lost despots trying to find their way back to the projector they crawled out of.

Lust For Youth's new album International is out June 10 via Sacred Bones; pre-order it here.
Lust For Youth "Illume" Official Music Video

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