Real Estate Crime Music Video

Watch the video for Real Estate’s “Crime,” starring undead skate teens, Andy Daly, and The Westboro Baptist Church (kind of)

Fans get the chance to write (fake) Tom Scharpling's latest video.

- Apr 15, 2014

Tom Scharpling is trying to bring back The Best Show! He's also directed the new Real Estate video for "Crime," starring Andy Daly! The star of the brilliant Comedy Central show Review and The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project, which is a podcast pilot project! Those are some great pieces of news I just dropped. Here's another: the video is hilarious. Andy plays a broke Tom Scharpling who's forced to crowdsource his latest video treatment from a bunch of wealthy benefactors, including the Westboro Baptist Church. The clip would have been hilarious without that establishing conceit, which is also funny, so now I'm just the office giggler!

Real Estate's new album Atlas is out now via Domino. Read our retrospective of Tom Scharpling's music video career here.

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