Kevin Drew Mexican Aftershow Party

Kevin Drew dances a glittery, surreal show for “Mexican Aftershow Party” video

The Broken Social Scene bandleader reveals a shiny secret in a smoky club.

- Apr 14, 2014

It's been a closely guarded secret in the Canadian music industry that Broken Social Scene bandleader Kevin Drew suffers from a debilitating skin condition that covers 90% of his body in glitter. He's finally learned to let go for the "Mexican Aftershow Party" video and bare his sparkly epidermis for a spooky, sexy show you might see in the club from Mulholland Drive. What he's lost in lucrative glitter skin concealer endorsement deals, he's made up for in passionate kissing and cool smoke.

Kevin Drew's new album Darlings is out now via Arts & Crafts. Read Kevin's selections for Essential Albums here.

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