Todd Terje Leisure Suit Preben Music Video

It’s a Todd Terje night out in “Leisure Suit Preben” music video

A sugar rush clip for some cartoonish Norwegian electro.

- Apr 11, 2014

Leisure Suit Larry was an old point-and-click sex adventure game series that probably did a lot more damage to young male psyches than a hundred Doom clones. "Leisure Suit Preben," a version of that character in a Todd Terje video, is much sillier and a lot more fun. Directed by Espen Friberg and Emil Høgset, the video follows our multitasking lounge lizard discovering romance, floating clay faces, and a wicked new makeup style on his way to the club.

Todd Terje's It's Album Time is out now via Olsen Records.
TODD TERJE - Leisure Suit Preben (sort of official video)

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