A Tribe Called Red Sisters Music Video

A Tribe Called Red’s “Sisters” put life on pause and prepare for a rave in new music video

The Juno award winning group's stirring and multidimensional clip refuses to define indigenous youth solely by their struggle.

- Apr 10, 2014
A Tribe Called Red - Sisters ft Northern Voice

Last week A Tribe Called Red won for Breakthrough Group of the Year at Canada's Juno Awards. They're the first indigenous group to win in a trophy outside the Aboriginal Album of the Year category, which by lumping different genres of music together bases the bracket more around heritage than music (the Ottawa trio told us why they did not submit their album Nation II Nation to this category).

With that win, A Tribe Called Red established a global focus on the indigenous presence in electronic music (something that has been overlooked in the past). Their music video for "Sisters" similarly displays an ignored dimension of indigenous groups. That is, clubbing. Three aboriginal girls prepare for A Tribe Called Red's monthly Electric Powwow rave in Ottawa, just like any other excited young people might: dancing, trying on outfits, hanging out the car windows.

It looks familiar, and that's the point: Representations of the various North American Native populations in media, when not blatantly racist, are limited to news footage of protests, big or small, against their ongoing oppression. As important as that is, it's also vital to show the lives outside of the struggle. Like A Tribe Called Red, the lives of the women in "Sisters" are not only defined by the fight for human rights (though it's something the group will always proudly carry display, like a Mohawk flag from a sunroof). Whether it's a rave in Ottawa or an awards show in Winnipeg, no matter who you are, sometimes life revolves around a party. 

A Tribe Called Red's new album Nation II Nation is out now via Tribal Spirit Music/Pirates Blend.
Before their Juno win, A Tribe Called Red talked to us about the myth of Canadian multiculturalism, along with Yamantaka // Sonic Titan and more. Read "The Great White North" here.

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