Warpaint Disco Very Keep It Healthy Music Video

Watch Warpaint’s new double music video/Pro Skater party, “Disco//Very” & “Keep It Healthy”

Nugz, chillin' and art-punk.

- Apr 7, 2014

Grab your boards, safety gear, and tell your parents EXACTLY where you'll be: it's time for some skateboarding fun with art-punk group Warpaint and their new double video for "Disco//Very" and "Keep It Healthy." Half downhill dance party, half foggy evening skate session, if this fun video were a skateboard trick, it'd be a nollie Christ air to backwards kush manual (American readers, add a Stelman's Grind to account for the rate of exchange.)

Warpaint's new self-titled album is out now via Rough Trade.
Warpaint - Disco//Very - Keep It Healthy (Official Video)

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