The Body At The Mercy Of It All Short Film

NETDUMP: Watch At The Mercy Of It All, a short film featuring music from The Body and The Haxan Cloak

Self-sacrifice, a totally sick hermitage, and sludge metal.

- Apr 4, 2014

You might not be surprised that a short film inspired by the sludge metal autopsy report that is The Body's new album I Shall Die Here would explore that title as its theme. But with At The Mercy Of It All, director Jason Evans takes exploring his story of a hermit in a Pinterest-friendly cabin, his mysterious origins and plans for baptism by dirt. Music from The Haxan Cloak-produced record is pulled off intermittently like funeral shrouds, and leaves the question of how much sympathy we should be granting this dude disturbingly open.

The Body & The Haxan Cloak's new album I Shall Die Here is out now via RVNG.
The Body - At The Mercy Of It All

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