Liars Mess on A Mission Music Video

Liars cycle backwards through sticky situations in “Mess On A Mission” video

Watch the band escape a bank robbery, a hidden tomb, and more.

- Mar 31, 2014

Liars are trapped in civil uprising! Can they back their way up that staircase and out of trouble? No, because they'll just end up someplace worse. Luis Cervéro directs the "Mess on A Mission" video, and loops the trio as they back up a set of stairs and into one awful predicament after another. His glitchy design occasionally peels back the scenes to reveal the skeleton holding up his green screened effects. The band, who already have experience being transplanted within fragmented digital nightmares, look like naturals.

Liars' new album Mess, a Chart Attack STAFF PICK, is out now via Mute.
Liars — "Mess on a Mission" (Official Music Video)

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