Weaves Buttercup Music Video

Weaves tour a bizarro version of the dark ages in their “Buttercup” music video

Reteaming with director Jason Harvey for another eye-popping and hilarious cartoon.

- Mar 25, 2014

When Weaves and Jason Harvey (who, in a perfect world, would have got some Prism Prize love this past weekend) get together and make a music video, it's like they're speaking directly to me. Like when "Motorcycle" came out, I was big into BadlandsBonnie & Clyde, and the car dater episode of My Strange Addiction. Now, landed right in the lap of my brain is the answer to a question that's been nagging me: "What would the dark ages be like if the middle ages had YouTube and everything looked like a Flash animation from 2002?" Finally, the answer is below.

Weaves' self-titled EP is out April 1 via Buzz RecordsRead our UNCHARTED profile of the Toronto band here.
Weaves - Buttercup [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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