Odonis Odonis Order In The Court Music Video

Odonis Odonis travel through apocalyptic Dutch paintings in “Order in the Court” video

See what those bird demons look like when they're actually moving.

- Mar 25, 2014

Hieronymus Bosch had a way of interpreting Biblical concepts that was somehow even more terrifying than actual Biblical concepts. His depictions of Hell make dread rise through my body, and even what he does with "nicer places" twists my guts into the shape of a crucifix. Now Lee Stringle has put the Dutch painter's awful scenes in motion for "Order in the Court," a music video for Toronto industrial punks Odonis Odonis. I feel sick.

Odonis Odonis will release their new album Hard Boiled Soft Boiled on April 15 via Buzz Records.
Odonis Odonis - Order in the Court [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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