Fear Of Men Luna Music Video

Fear Of Men channel Marina Abramovic and nearly kill each other in “Luna” music video

Bandricide is nearly committed in the name of performance art and jangle pop.

- Mar 25, 2014

Fear Of Men's latest single "Luna" had the Brighton band investing deeper into their spiffy jangle pop sound, and came out sounding like a limited edition C86 compilation pressed on marble. How do they do it? Trust exercises! Like wrapping Barry the band snake around their necks, or coating their fingers in vegetable oil and doubling up on a bow and arrow aimed at their lead singer's chest. Or they could just be recreating two pieces of performance art by Marina Abramović called Rest Energy and Dragonhead. Either way, you can't argue with the music, or Barry.

Fear Of Men's new album Loom is out March 22 via Kanine.

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