The Body The Haxan Cloak To Carry The Seeds Of Death Within Me Music Video

The Body & The Haxan Cloak’s new music video “To Carry The Seeds Of Death Within Me” is just as horrifying as the name sounds

An absorbing and disturbing new clip from the similar-minded collaboration.

- Mar 24, 2014

Okay, so. You can probably intimate that a music video called "To Carry The Seeds Of Death Within Me" will be hard to watch. And if you've heard The Body or The Haxan Cloak separately, or together for the new record I Shall Die Here, you already know that these are musicians who breathe methane and whose veins pump tar. The candlelit, ceremonial doom drones of this latest collaborative track don't just cut, they're ceremonial blades with bone handles, somehow getting sharper as it feels your fear intensify. And its video, a putrescent and unrelenting vision of gleeful self-harm, just might take the air in your lungs hostage for its entire run time.

The Body & The Haxan Cloak's new album I Shall Die Here is out April 1 via RVNG; pre-order it here.
The Body - To Carry The Seeds Of Death Within Me [Official Video]

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