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Watch Hamilton punks WTCHS’ imagined mannequin snuff film in “Over Kilmer”

Or maybe it's porn. We're not sure.

- Mar 21, 2014

The mannequin is a strange stand-in for the human form — idealized, yet sexless. If you dress it up, it's an invaluable commercial tool to hawk more shit. We imagine their secret lives when the department store goes dark. Wrought in marble and perched on a museum plinth, we forget all about the violence that their missing head or arms suggest (wait, that's a statue... you get the point). It's all about the light they're cast in.

With "Over Kilmer," Hamilton's favourite brooders WTCHS give us a taste of what exactly a mannequin snuff film might look like. Or maybe it's mannequin porn. We're not too sure — no mannequins were available at press time. For Hamilton musicians of a certain time, the dismembered mannequin is part of their visual iconography. The Underground — Hamilton's very own Milk Bar and a formative stage for many a Southern Ontario act — was covered in 'em. One or two of them have lived on over at The Casbah. I've got a hunch that, consciously or not, they may have crept their way into WTCHS' heads, too.

WTCHS' Sonic Unyon debut It's Not A Cross, It's a Curse! is out on April 4.
WTCHS - Over Kilmer

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