Daniel Avery Drone Logic Music Video

Watch the tense, looping music video for Daniel Avery’s “Drone Logic”

One woman's dressing time is expanded to infinity in the London producer's new video.

- Mar 21, 2014

A fun game to play if you don't want to leave your house is to imagine that behind your door is not the earth, but some leering and impenetrable symbol hovering within a void. Now no one's gonna see your super cute outfit, or anything else, ever! In the video for Daniel Avery's "Drone Logic" a girl is stuck in such a place within a loop shifting between lo-fi and HD as she puts the finishing touches on her appearance. It always cuts just before she opens the door, building anticipation in tandem with Avery's tense techno/acid house hybrid.

Daniel Avery's Drone Logic is out now via Phantasy Sound.
Daniel Avery - Drone Logic (Official Video)

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