Fucked Up Glass Boys

Watch the video for Fucked Up’s new single “Paper The House,” shot at Long Winter

And download the melodic (but still screamy) first track from the Toronto punk group's upcoming album, Glass Boys.

- Mar 18, 2014

Glass Boys is the name of the new album from Fucked Up out June 3 via Arts & Crafts/Matador, and will probably be the album title in 2014 I will most wish ended in a "Z." If you were at this season's last edition of Long Winter (a concert series curated by the punk band at The Great Hall in Toronto), you saw them play the upcoming record front to back. And if you left after the first encore, you missed the band taking a vote on which male member of the band is the most "Glass Boy," and the subsequent tearful fistfight.

Below, you can watch first single "Paper The House" being played at that show, shot in black-and-white by Scott Cudmore and Jeremy Jansen. It might be a part of an ambitious and symbolic concept, a la every other full-length record the band's put out, or it could be about wallpapering while your spouse is screaming in your ear. I can't tell, because as usual Damian Abraham is screaming like he woke up with microphones for hands. "Ahhh shit this is horrifying, but also really practical, because I'm a punk singer!" Who knows? Let's all watch the clip, download the song for free, and think on it.

Fucked Up's new album Glass Boys is out June 3 via Arts & Crafts in Canada and Matador in the US; pre-order it hereDownload "Paper The House" here.
Fucked Up "Paper The House"

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