YVETTE Everything in Reverse Music Video

YVETTE’s “Everything In Reverse” video begins nature’s purge of humanity

It doesn't matter how many times we bring back Cosmos.

- Mar 11, 2014

If the Earth is a generally polite, well-meaning host, humanity is like the drunk friend at the party who overstays his welcome, drives out the gentler folks with his crude antics, then starts puking everywhere while denying the stains are doing anything to ruin the furniture.

We're living in a time when our pal the planet is starting the process of throwing our ass onto the lawn of history, and "Everything in Reverse" from Brooklyn noise-punks YVETTE could be a harbinger for that trend. Anthony Sylvester shoots an industrial park backwards and into a menacing atmosphere: smoke stacks inhale their pollutants, the tide sucks back, and cars reverse to their destination. But check that spiral in the screencap up there: possible True Detective shout out?

YVETTE's new album Process is out now via GODMODE.
YVETTE - Everything In Reverse - Official HD Video - GODMODE

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