Bok Bok kelela Melba's call music video

Video: Bok Bok and Kelela reveal the future of recording studio vegetation in “Melba’s Call”

Bok Bok's back back with a top top track track!

- Mar 5, 2014

Bok Bok, Kelela and art directors have harnessed both R. Kelly's studio interior design and Minority Report's hologram flatscreens in the video for "Melba's Call." We're guests on 3D tour of Night Slugs’ studio/greenhouse while Kelela - signed to sister label Fade To Mind - is projected from some swanky hotel room, her voice alternately empowered and imploring. Bok Bok's beat pitches down into silence after cresting on jumbled waves of accelerated future funk, catching its breath between each burst. All that extra oxygen in the booth will help.

Buy the "Melba's Call" single on iTunes via Night Slugs.

Bok Bok ft Kelela - Melba's Call from night slugs on Vimeo.

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