White Lung Down With The Monster Cover Art

White Lung release “Drown With The Monster” video, reveal revolting first aid advice

Watch the band play the A side of their new 7" while a crowd forms scabs.

- Mar 4, 2014

Let's play "Which person are you in White Lung's heavy new concert video for 'Drown With The Monster'?" Are you the band on stage, the Vancouver punk group who signed to Domino Records and have a new 7" coming out? Congratulations! Are you the guy throwing his arm around at the elbow joint like he's trying to get rid of his wrist? Better hold onto that, champ! Are you the heavyset gentleman shuffling around awkwardly? You can't have that one. That's me.

Enough. Let's get vocalist Mish Way to let us know what this song is really about, via Domino:

"I was looking at these pieces by Andrea Mary Marshall in The New Inquiry and there was this quote from her, ’Toxic Women are toxic to themselves. They are Tragic Heroines who blow dry their own wounds. I aspire to be the opposite.’ This song is about kicking habits and running away with a new distraction. It’s a song about my two biggest vices, but I’d rather drown with the monster than blow dry my wounds."

That's disgusting, but good to know if you ever see White Lung play live you'll leave with sores if you do it correctly.

White Lung's 7" "Drown With The Monster/Snake Jaw" is out April 29th via Domino. Pre-order here.
White Lung - Drown With The Monster (Official Video)

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